Sunday, August 14, 2022

How to get over someone, or some thing

"In life, there are some things we might never really get over.
Sometimes the best we can do is just get through. But that's okay. There's still a lot of beauty to find on the other side."

Someone said," Forgive but Never Forget."I agree with him; I still remember the painful experiences that I had undergone. 

I had been through several breakups that I didn't think I could bear. I felt like history kept repeating itself; I would blame my boyfriend and hold grudges. I hated him that he hurt me. 

I was hurt because I thought I had given him my all, but he treated me like an option, a backup plan. I kept expecting that he would change someday, but it never happened. 

I pondered why I had to go through the same situation repeatedly; maybe something was wrong with me. I then finally figured it out. 

I realized that I couldn't change others, and I couldn't control them either, but what I could do was how I chose to react to what happened.

I had to admit that I could not forget my painful experiences, but I let them go and moved on. I couldn't get over it, but I got through.

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