Friday, August 19, 2022

A Girl And The Search For Happiness And Meaning

 "I struggle to find meaning and happiness, but I fail to find my mind.

When my mind wanders, I can't find happiness and meaning.

And when I find my mind, happiness and meaning return."

-Belle Aronson

When she was young, she believed she must keep chasing her dream.
She thought her life would be
happy and meaningful when she finally lived her dream.

She then finally lived the life of her dream. A great family, a successful job, and a desired social status that she always wanted it.

 She thought she would feel happy and fulfilled when she lived her dream life. However, she still pondered about her life. She wondered if something in her life was missing.

One day she decided to discover this mystery.
She wanted to know
the secret to living a happy and meaningful life.
It took her years to figure it out.

She had learned that she struggled to find
happiness and meaning.
But she failed to find her mind.
Her happiness and meaning couldn't be found when she let her mind wander. 
And when she could find her mind, happiness and meaning returned.

Now she has learned to live in the present. She knows she can be
happy when her mind and body are together. She has finally realized that happiness and meaning are from the inside.

-Belle Aronson

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