Monday, August 24, 2020

Nobody Is Perfect. Everyone Makes Mistakes.

As we are human beings, we all struggle to find our goal. We want to succeed and be accepted. We try our best to fit in with our social norms. And often, we compare ourselves to others. 

We tend to forget what we have done, but instead, we focus on how far we can go. We forget to appreciate ourselves for the hard work we have done. We blame, criticize, and beat ourselves up when we make mistakes.

Living this way, we will lose our joy and happiness; life is short; we don't have to be perfect. We make mistakes, and we learn. We don't have to wait until we have everything, then we can be happy. But we can be happy now, despite we are not perfect, yet we make mistakes.

"Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. But some mistakes will teach you great lessons and make you a better person."


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