Thursday, August 2, 2018

Inspiring Quotes to Help You Live a Life of Purpose

I have searched for my purpose in life for years.
I felt something in my life had been missing, however,
I didn't know the answer.
Every morning I got up, I asked myself "is this what I really want?
Why I am still here? Why still keep doing the things that
do not make me feel happy or feel fulfilled?"

I struggled every day pondering about my purpose.
Until one day I had realized that it was not because I didn't know
the purpose of my life but the way I thought of it.
I tried to figure out my life purpose that it had to be one thing.
Instead, I started with my passions and put them into action,
I was thinking too much about my passions and purpose.
That is not gonna work. We can't think our way into
life's passion and purpose. But we have to take action.
After changing my approach, I figured out the way to understand
my life purpose. I have put it into action.
My passions are as an inspirational blogger, novel writer,
and selling clothing.
I can't do all of them at the same time since I am still working.
I start with doing my blog because I can write my blog in my free time.
I used to use my job as an excuse for not having time to do the blog.
But after it was clear what my life purpose is
I have been motivated and I promised myself 
I will keep doing what I enjoy! Now I don't feel lost or as if something
is missing anymore because I enjoy doing the things that I love,
I have found my life's purpose and I feel fulfilled.
To my readers, if you guys have ever been in the same situation I had,
just start with listing all your passions and put them into action.
Don't think your way into life's passion and purpose
but you have to put this into action.
And when you do what you love and have a passion for it,
you have life's purpose! Enjoy your wonderful life, everyone.

"It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something."

-Winston S. Churchill

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