Thursday, December 15, 2016

True Friends Quote

I believe everybody has friends. It sounds stupid that I say this, but my point is what kind of friend do you have?  In my life I have many groups of friends. I have friends from kindergarten, high school, university, and from my workplaces.

I had a very good time with friends from high school and university. I have had lots of memorable moments and sometimes we did stupid and crazy things. However they were  happy moments that I will never forget.

Until now when I recall my old days back then it makes me smile. Time flies, we have grown up and  have our own duties to do. We have family, jobs to take care. Sometimes we forgot to think of our friends, we even lost contact with them  However thanks to social media , I found many of long lost friends from Facebook. Even though we haven't been in touch for quite a long time, we are connected because we are friends.

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