Wednesday, March 31, 2021

How Do You Appreciate And Value Yourself

 "Do not struggle to be appreciated by others. Learn to appreciate yourself."


Self-love is vital; we tend to forget to think about it seriously. We always look for love and approval from others. 

We try to please people because we want to be liked and loved, which makes us forget about being our true selves. 

Living that way won't make us happy; it's like we put our happiness in other people's hands. 

When we learn to appreciate ourselves, we no longer seek love and approval from others; instead, we look for it inside. 

And when we start to know our worth and love ourselves, we are responsible for our happiness. We become the true self that we will no longer compare ourselves to others.

The more we appreciate ourselves, the more we become confident, making others appreciate us the way we are. 

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