Saturday, January 2, 2021

Your Past Does Not Define You

" Don't let your past define you. Let it shape you into the person you want to become."


Everyone has a past, mistakes and has been through tough times in life. No one always has a smooth and perfect life, but sometimes, it can be a bumpy ride along the way.

So many times in our lives that we spend so much of our time dwelling on past mistakes. It's just like we relive the past, and it is not useful; it will only hold us back.

I know sometimes it's hard. When we try not to think about what has happened to us, it's not something that we can change overnight. But it needs practice and most of all we need to train our thoughts.

As it said " If you can control your thoughts, you can control your life." But so many times, we let our thoughts control us. That because we unconsciously think our thoughts ,and often they are unproductive and self-abusive. 

We are not our past mistakes or not our stories. But we are more than what we think we are, and we can be anything we choose  to become. 


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