Friday, June 28, 2019

Inspiring Life Lessons to Live by Every Day

"When it hurts -observes. Life is trying to teach you something."

-Anita Krizzan

We all have been through hard times in life. And no one lives a life free of problems. I believe everyone knows this fact, but it is nearly impossible to stay positive when facing a tough time in life. 

I was the one who had been there! I still remember how that painful experience I have had.

In my early 30, I had been through two challenges at the same time. I broke up with my boyfriend when I found that he cheated on me, and I had a financial problem caused by a failed business. 

I felt like my life was falling apart, and I couldn't see any way that I would get through. I let myself wallow in sadness, disappointment, and hatred. It had taken me months to see the light finally at the end of the tunnel.

From that painful experience, I have learned valuable lessons.

1.I have learned that the right perspective will guide you in the right direction.

I choose to see the pain as the lessons to teach and change me into a new person instead of letting it hurt me.

2.I have realized that loving yourself and know your worth is vital to your happiness.

You are responsible for your happiness, not others. Everything starts with how you feel about yourself.

3.I have known that I am stronger than I have thought I was.

If I hadn't been through it, I would never know how strong I am. Sometimes you never know how strong you are until you have learned that being strong is your only choice.

4.I have become more independent and confident.

No one understands what it's like to walk in your shoes. They may think they do, but they don't. You can't rely on others to help you get through your tough times, but you are the one who needs to dig deep to find the strength to get through each day even when you feel like you barely make it!

Only you have the power to make your choices for your life. This power can boost your self-confidence and independence when you see yourself overcome the pain. And you come out to be a better version of you.

There are so many lessons we can learn from the pain. We need to observe and go through it mindfully. And most importantly, when we replace, why is this happening to me with what is this trying to teach me-things change.

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